RTCC Guidance Coordinator Jennefer Jolls Walks the Walk

fire boys
Some school administrators know just what to say to a student wishing to learn more about a program or area of study. But sometimes, words just aren’t enough…

Meet Jennefer Jolls, RTCC’s new Guidance Coordinator. Jolls took over the role of guidance coordinator this year after spending two years running the Center’s Adult Education program. And in her words, “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

Originally from Arizona where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education, Jolls says she “took an epic cross country trip” a few years ago, before finally ending up in Williamstown, Vermont.

“I’ve worked in a number of what I’ll call ‘alternative-ed’ settings,” she said, “but this type of learning model is my favorite. Here, students really get hands-on learning in careers they want to pursue.”

And apparently, the model is catching on. Despite a decrease in the number of RTCC’s “sending schools” from seven to four, enrollment at the Center is on the increase.

“With the closure of Rochester and Chelsea, and the merging of Bethel and South Royalton, we’re down to just four sending schools,” Jolls said. “But we’re also seeing new students come here from Lamoille, Harwood, and U32. We have some very unique programs and a pretty good reputation out in the field.”

And the photo in the fireman outfit? “That was at a recent Associated General Contractors of Vermont event,” she said. “One of our students was interested in learning more about this career, so we asked if we could try on some of the gear. I think I’ll stick with being a guidance counselor!”

This fall, the Center will be adding a new program called Advanced Manufacturing. Students interested in learning more about any of RTCC’s programs can contact Jolls at jjolls@orangesouthwest.org, or apply to the Center online at www.orangesouthwest.org/Apply