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We'll be using this page to highlight all the great things that are happening here -- every day -- as our students prepare for life after RU. So check back often and soon!

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This just in: The new Sea of Pink t-shirts are here just in time for holiday shopping. They'll be sold beginning December 19th, and will be available in room 205, during high school lunch and at basketball games. Should anyone wish to purchase one, they may also email Kelly Tucker at ktucker@orangesouthwest.org to arrange pick-up. Shirts are $10 and available in sizes from small to 3XL

RUHS Athletics: Honoring Past Success; Addressing Future Accolades
Banner Replacement Initiative will deliver full recognition of past Randolph Union athlete & team successes while making room for future victories.

Over the years, Randolph Union High School has fielded more than its share of championship teams. So many, in fact, that the school is running out of room in its Senior High Gymnasium walls to honor them all.

“It’s a pretty good problem to have,” said RU Athletic Director Steve Croucher. “But the time is here. We’re faced with the very real potential of having to take old banners down to make room for the new ones, or move the old banners someplace else. Quite honestly, we don’t like either option. The Sr. High Gym should be a venue that honors all athletic achievements, not just the ones that will physically fit the space.”

To solve the problem, Croucher and a number of veteran coaches came up with a solution: to create ‘team banners’, one for every sport, and list all of that team’s successes on the same banner. In this manner, all of RU’s past athletic team achievements will be honored on the very same platform as current teams.

“Girls Softball is a good example,” Croucher said. “Because they’ve done particularly well over the years, that program has earned a great deal of banners. But it’s difficult to find them when they’re located randomly all over the gym. With this team banner solution, we’ll have a single Girls Softball banner, 4 feet by 12 feet long, listing all of that team’s past successes on a year-by-year basis. As future teams add to those successes in coming years, we can continue adding years onto the same banner.”

“The goals of the project are to improve space on the Sr. High gym walls, reduce banner costs in future years, and clean up the look of the space. With more wall space, we're able to ensure that champions of the past remain on the wall far into the future even after years & years of new additions. The cost effectiveness of new banners after the initial purchase will allow for a far greater use of the Athletics budget toward causes that immediately impact current student-athletes like equipment and uniforms.”
And what will become of the old banners?

“The plan,” Croucher explains, “is to give folks who have been honored with an individual banner the opportunity to purchase their banner. Also, to give former teammates the opportunity to participate in a silent auction on team banners. We’ll use that money, plus money from other fundraising activities, to help pay for the new banner replacement initiative.”

One such fundraising activity runs now through the end of the high school basketball season in February.

“We are holding a ‘raffle ball’ fundraiser event,” Croucher said. “Now through the last game of the season, we have 100 raffle balls for sale at $25 each, with prizes and up to a $500 cash prize. We’ll draw winning raffle balls at halftime of the last Varsity Girls basketball game, currently scheduled for February 22.”

“We know how important RU’s older felt banners are to our athletics community,” Croucher explains, “which is why there was serious time spent by all those who were instrumental in developing the banner initiative. We believe that this is the best solution. Here, every single accolade; every student’s name; every team that’s won a league or state championship or runner-up accolade; essentially everything that’s already on the Sr. High gym walls, will remain on that wall.  Except that we’ll have the space to continue adding more to the new banners once they arrive in summer 2018. And let me tell you, we’ve got some strong teams coming up through the ranks with the opportunity to add to them quickly.”

Here are the latest updates on our Workforce Development and Career Pathways Initiatives

Our longest-running “deployed classroom” is our “Intro to Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship,” taught in partnership with GW Plastics, which refers to the program as their “School of Tech.”  This is the one deployed classroom from which we have high school graduates at this point.  Here is some data about those graduates;

  • One is enrolled in a 5-year Bachelor’s to Master’s Program
  • Five are enrolled in mechanical or electro-mechanical four or two-year programs
  • Four students were offered GW Scholarships (3 accepted)
  • Three are currently employed at GW, two of whom intend to pursue night school
  • Two additional grads have worked at GW Plastics

Spring Deployed Classroom

This spring, we will offer the “Introduction to Water Management” course for a second time, with alterations to the curriculum that will enable more deeply applied field science. The course is centered on careers that are affected by Act 64, Vermont’s Clean Water Act. Last year, RUHS partnered with professionals from 27 different careers and all levels of education.

Elder Care and Biogerontology

RUHS is partnering closely with the Randolph Area Community Development Corporation to introduce students to vocations in the health field and in community development. Three students are signed up to partner with our eldercare facilities as volunteers. These students will begin a study in the biology of aging (biogerontology) under the guidance of our ILO-designated science teacher, Ms. Hester-Reyes.

More Deployed Classrooms In the Pipeline!

Our Director of Workforce Development, Ken Cadow, is also working with community and state-level partners to create two more deployed classrooms.

  • Introduction to Careers in Health and Care. How do people discover that a career in health care might speak to them? The Vermont Department of Labor Jobs Forecast anticipates that the already dramatic shortage of nurses and other caregivers will become even more profound. Schools can help to address this by partnering with community organizations to introduce students to health careers with more intention and depth.  This course may serve as a feeder to the RTCC program in Allied Health, and it will also partner with our science department to directly relate academic standards to possible careers for students who wish to continue on through our academic programs. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Regional Hospitals, and the Agency of Education are joining together in a Talent Pipeline Management course of action for the field of healthcare. The Deployed Classroom model is on their radar as one way to provide meaningful exposure to students earlier in their education.
  • Intro to Value-Added Agriculture. What practices can Vermont food producers employ to maintain profitability? Taking advantage of programs and research happening at Vermont Farm to Plate, the Sustainable Jobs Fund, 4-H, and the St. Michael’s College Workforce Development Working Group, we are creating a deployed classroom that will include the study of profitable and sustainable agriculture practices from planting a seed to food product development to distribution. We’ve organized a group of professionals and potential partners to meet at Vermont Law School in early December and will keep you posted!