Directors Acknowledgments - Mid-January 2018

Dear Students and Parents & Guardians of RTCC Students:

Welcome to the end of the second quarter at RTCC. We have been learning a tremendous amount from one another over the past 16 weeks. Students have completed many projects that have met competencies required by the state, they have worked on team building skills, and most have completed at least one Industry Recognized Certificate. Many of our second year students have also participated in work based learning opportunities and completed community service activities. We hope they are enjoying their time at RTCC and have learned about themselves as well as their profession.

For a detailed update of everything going on at RTCC during the second quarter, take a look at our Second Quarter Update in the documents box to the left.

No School or Half-day Schedules at Sending High Schools

When a “sending school” has a planned half-day or are not in session (for example on in-service days) and RUHS/ RTCC students are still in full-session, students should plan to attend and stay at RTCC for the whole day.  Arrangements have been made with all schools to provide busing to and from sending schools in order for students to attend, and stay at RTCC for the full day.   If it is impossible for a student to get back and forth from home to your sending school on these days, please let us know so that we can make special arrangements.  If a sending school is closed due to weather conditions or other unplanned emergency then students from that school do not have to attend RTCC.

RTCC adheres to the school calendar of the Randolph Union High School (RUHS). Any school closings (due to, for example, weather conditions) that affect RUHS will affect RTCC as well.

Just as a reminder, our next early release day is February 6, at 11:30; March 14 is Parent/Guardian/Student/Teacher conference day, and there is no school; and April 10 is an early release day, with dismissal at 11:30.  Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information.

High Expectations

We have very high expectations for students.  It is often said that students arrive to RTCC as teenagers but we expect that they act like adults; this is exactly the case.  New students to RTCC find they need to balance learning about a new school and manage multiple assignments within their technical program as well as in their related, academic programs.

During the first and even into the second quarter, some students find out that not doing homework or handing in an assignment late has seriously affected their grade.  Most students, however, have enjoyed the freedoms offered by the RTCC learning model, as well as the respect that comes with a technical education program and have done well. 

If your son or daughter is doing well, please acknowledge their accomplishment.  If they are struggling in any course, please support them to do better.  Give them time, whatever structure they need, and the encouragement to talk to you about their coursework, homework, and course assignments.  Thank you for standing behind your son or daughter and enabling and encouraging him/her to pursue technical education at RTCC. And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments, questions or concerns. Instructors can be reached via telephone (728-9595), or via e-mail. For a list of staff e-mail addresses, click here.

Power School

By now you should have received a letter explaining how to access your students Power School account. This is one way to keep track of what is going on. As a reminder you can access Power School at    If you have not received our letter please contact the office at 802-728-9595.

Keys to Success at Randolph Technical Career Center:

  • Attendance- It is vital students attend RTCC every day. We understand when a student is sick or may be late because of an appointment, but otherwise students need to be here with us all day. If a student is absent for 5 days, we are required to send a letter home, and may ask for a follow up meeting. If you have questions about attendance please refer to the Academic Chart/Student Handbook on our website or call the office at 802-728-9595.
  • Lunch Time- We are not an open campus and students are required to be in the cafeteria during lunch, regardless of age and adult status. Students can purchase lunch here or bring lunch but are not allowed to leave to purchase a meal. On our website, under the quick links is a tab to the RUHS Cafeteria Lunch Menus. Also on the RTCC Website towards the bottom left, is a link to the School Nutrition Program. You can purchase meals through the “My School Bucks” on line, just like your home schools.
  • All seniors will be required to complete a Technical Project and we need your support in helping students meet their deadlines.
  • All juniors will be required to complete a Career Portfolio and will receive a packet in detailing the requirements in September. Both Junior & Senior projects are a tool students can use after graduation to continue their career and or college placement.

Communication- Visit our Website

Our website includes information on every program, a calendar of events, Friday night dinner menus, and contact information for all staff, and our school handbook. We also list weekly announcements as well as acknowledge our students and staff weekly. You can also follow us on facebook to keep up with what happens here on a daily basis.

In closing, I again want to encourage your support for your daughter or son and their participation in our technical education program.  Our expectations for positive behavior and hard work pay off for everyone involved.  Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Jason Gingold, Director